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Endless Passion of Muslims for Hajj:

Hajj is a mega religious gathering or scared ritual in Islam which millions of Muslims across the world want to have. This sacred obligation is needed to perform once every year in the last month according to the Islamic Calendar. Major religious obligations and practices are performed from 8th to 12th Zill-Hajj, while the total period for this holy practice will be from 20 to 45 days according to the situations and special benefits from the Saudi Arabian Government. Muslims across Pakistan try their best to get Hajj chance every year to please Allah Almighty and perform this religious duty successfully once in their whole life. Government Hajj quota is limited and millions of the Pakistanis need some private Hajj packages with complete affordability and best travelling services. Bliss Travel and Tours bring Umrah and Hajj packages without focusing any of its financial interest. We actually provide you with all facilities and support to make your journey to Hajj easy just for getting some rewards and happiness of ALLAH. We have the best and most dedicated Umrah and Hajj management to assist Muslims in Pakistan for making them ability to perform these religious obligations easily.

Explore the Best Hajj Packages 2020:

You have the rights to explore all of the best Hajj packages for 2020 around Pakistan. Of course, we claim to be the best because we donít have any personal interest behind your Hajj performing. We aim to make our Muslim brothers and sisters successful in performing and completing this sacred practice. Bliss Travel and Tours offers you very best facilities, services, fastest visa processing, affordable rates and many other supports from initial to the final segment of Hajj.

Pick up Bliss Travel and Tours with Pride:

Bliss Travel and Tours ask you to pick it if you want to have the best and most comfortable Hajj deal in 2020. We assure you for the fastest visa approval, best and nearest hotels in Mecca, comfortable transportation and all other basic and mandatory services the Hajjis need during their Hajj rituals. We have several Hajj packages for the upcoming year 2020 with different rates and hotel names. If you take hotels nearest to Haram in Mecca, it will cost you a bit high. Further, the hotels bit away from Haram, Mecca will charge you low rates, but all other facilities in all declared packages will be the same in quality and comforts..

Why Choosing Bliss Travel and Tours?

We bring the cheapest Hajj packages 2020 to facilitate every Pakistani Muslim to get the chance of performing this highly sacred obligation. Further, we provide you with the best and most comfortable facilities and services from Pakistan airports to Mecca, Medina and back to national airports of Pakistan. You will have every required facility or service on time and with topnotch quality. We will stand with you from the start of your Hajj journey to back your home. It is our motive to make our ALLAH please by helping His followers in performing Hajj every year.

What Do We Bring for All Hajjis?

Bliss Travel and Tours always brings the best Hajj package services with amazing facilities and comforts at competitive rates. We will offer and provide you the following services during your Hajj obligation. Visa Return air ticket (Two-ways) Accommodation in nearest or demanded hotels in Mecca and Medina Transportation during the whole of the Hajj tenure Cow or goat for religious sacrifice on 11th Zill-Hajj etc..

Estimate Total Cost of Your Hajj 2020:

Are you willing to choose our Hajj packages 2020? You must visit our official website at and go through the detail of all the available packages. Cost of each package may be a bit or more different depends upon the selection of hotels near or far away of Haram, Mecca and the accommodation or room types. Further, if you want to get Hajj package for 40 days, it will cost you a bit high and total price for short tenure will be quite low. If you decide to perform Hajj 2020 with family or group, you will get a huge concession on accommodation and other services as well. What Do We Need to Ease Your Hajj? You will need to submit our important documents and passports for visa processing and approval procedure. You must provide us following documents a few weeks before to start the Hajj flight operations.

  •    Original green passport with enough validity


  •   Photographs with a blue background 

  •    Medical documents, polio cards or vaccination record for the kids

  •    National Identity Card

  •    50% advance payment at the time of submitting these documents

  •    Cancellation of the package will cost you some fixed fees etc.


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